Thursday, 14 August 2014

Increase Productivity with Digital Signatures Solutions

Say Goodbye to Printing, Faxing and Scanning!  
Hello to Paperless Office and Increase Productivity

Streamlining your document signing and document management process is a great way to Boost your
business' productivity by knowing when to shred a document boost your business productivity.
Using emSigner will transition many aspects of a large/small business from a paper-focused one to a
digital one, and will reduce company costs as a result. The benefits of using these emSigner are many, and include: improving data security, reducing errors, increasing staff productivity, avoiding delays, faster document turnaround, less time spent filing and retrieving paper documents, reducing carbon footprint, reducing needed storage space for paperwork, and reducing risks associated with storing information on.

Shape of the Industry:

Regulated industries such as healthcare, life sciences and legal are required to maintain extensive written records to help mitigate risk and maintain control over core business processes.

Companies with national or global operations have the added challenge of responding quickly
to changing regulatory requirements given their geographically dispersed workforces and variety
of jurisdictions under which they operate.

Unfortunately, many of these same companies are still conducting business on paper which is
costly, impairs productivity and leads to errors and lost or misplaced records. Also, when
processes involve customers or patients, paper based inefficiencies result in a poor experience
and ultimately dissatisfied customers.

Industry adoption trends:
As an increasing number of organizations are seeking compatible digital signature capabilities
that enables automation, including approvals with legally enforceable digital signatures. With
emSigner, enterprises of all sizes can automate and streamline their signature-dependent
processes while maintaining proper controls, as well as compliance with regulations, audit
requirements, and security policies.

“Digital signature capabilities have become a ‘must-have’ for companies who want to remain
competitive, and emSigner’s secure, cloud based automated solution works exceptionally
well for them.”

How emSigner helps?:
Being able to electronically distribute paperwork, and track and confirm execution of signatures, can really make a difference for organizations. Companies can greatly reduce document turnaround time and save money associated with document processing costs.”

Below points succinctly explains some of the costs of not going paperless, as well as some of the benefits of doing so, for both small and medium sized companies. Give it a glance, and maybe you’ll decide to begin the transition of taking your business paperless. It’s easier to adopt than people think.

Increase staff productivity lost administrative burden of managing paper – Your employees will
experience a significant boost in productivity as printing, faxing, mailing, following up for signatures with recipients, scanning and other legacy processes are eliminated. Instead staffs can simply monitor in realtime who has received, reviewed and signed a document. So, spend less time on administrative tasks and more time to spend with customers.

Faster document turnaround of paper documents in transit – customers have cut what used to be a 1 or 2 week process down to minutes.

Less time spent filing and retrieving paper documents–emSigner offers document storage on cloud with easy search and retrieval facility.

Realize revenue faster - The signing process for documents takes just minutes with emSigner.
Reduce errors caused by manual data entry and lost documents.

Increased customer and partner satisfaction - emSigner offers customers, partners and vendors
new convenience with the ability to sign documents, anywhere, anytime.

Cut paper-related costs – emSigner greatly reduces paper related costs by eliminating paper, scanning and service costs.

Strengthen compliance each document contains an auditable activity log, including identity authentication information, to meet stringent compliance regulations. Document signed using digital signatures are legally valid under the Information Technology Act 2000.

Maintain security and privacy of sensitive information throughout the entire document lifecycle.

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emSigner digital signature solution can do for your company?
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